Meraki Percussion is an Independent Open Class ensemble seeking to positively augment the lives of young artists through dedication to musical development and performance excellence. The ensemble competes in the following circuits: Winter Guard International (WGI) and Southern California Percussion Alliance (SCPA).


2022 WGI San Bernardino PIO (1st Place)
2022 SCPA Championships PIO (Silver Medalist)
2022 WGI World Championships PIO Finalist (6th Place)
2023 WGI Temecula PIO (1st Place)
2023 WGI San Bernardino PIO (1st Place)
2023 SCPA Championships PIO (Gold Medalist)
2023 WGI World Championships PIO (Gold Medalist)
2024 WGI Temecula PIO (1st Place)
2024 West Power Regional PIO (1st Place)
2024 SCPA Championships PIO (Gold Medalist)
2024 WGI World Championships PIO (Gold Medalist)

At Meraki, we maintain these Core Values:

We believe in the pursuit of EXCELLENCE in all creative, performing, and organizational endeavors. Our success relies on the INCLUSIVITY of all persons regardless of race, religion, gender, or background. The keystone of our ensemble is the diversity of all of whom we serve. INTEGRITY plays an integral part in our ensemble philosophies for helping prepare the adults of tomorrow. We are convinced in building LEADERSHIP qualities that will perpetuate change both in our ensemble and in the world that we live in as RESPECT as the centerpiece of all we do. 

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