frequently asked questions


During this time the organization will learn and rehearse the season’s production. Every minute of these camp weeks is valuable. This is when individuals from different parts of the area become one world class cohesive unit.


It is required to attend all rehearsals to be considered for membership. All members are required to attend all rehearsals. If you need to miss a rehearsal, you must get approval prior to missing the rehearsal.


Most parents not familiar with the organization's activity will have a number of questions, especially first timers. This page is designed to answer questions that you may have about the organization activity. Your son or daughter will have a positive lifetime experience at The Royal Cavaliers Performing Arts. The season will be challenging but the end result will be phenomenal.


At The Royal Cavaliers  Performing Arts Organization, the safety and well-being of every individual is very important to us and is always a priority.

‍‍Emergency Situations: All staff, cast member leaders, and administration are taught and given information on how to handle every type of emergency situation that might occur. In case of a medical emergency all of our member’s medical and guardian contact information is listed and kept by the administrative team. Parents will be contacted immediately in case of an emergency.


All rehearsals are open to the public, unless otherwise stated. Come out and enjoy the professional staff members' teaching methods and spend time with your child after a performance or during a break.

Our volunteers are considered members and are a crucial part of the organization. Almost all of our volunteers are parents or former parents of an ensemble member. To sign up to volunteer during rehearsals and for more information please contact us at